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  5. "Tämä pupu on sininen."

"Tämä pupu on sininen."

Translation:This bunny is blue.

June 23, 2020



Strange bunnies they have in Finland...


alcoholic bunnies :v


lol it says poopoo


hihi, I think it is a very soft p, almost like b-sound in german ;-)


Nope. It is pronounced like "poopoo", but without the long vowels.

An American friend of mine got a good laugh out of it when he found out what 'bunny' is in Finnish. :P


The 'p's in "pupu" are not aspirated, though. Making them sound a bit like 'b' in English (not exactly the same sounds, however).


Blue Bunny ice cream!


That ain't good... Quick, get it some O2!


"You typed in English, not Finnish". I like how it notices and let's me do it again instead of just saying "wrong". A minor detail that I liked about duolingo.


Yes, Duolingo is nice ;)


The course is 2 or 3 weeks old and there are already funny comments here. Hahaha you guys are amazing


Multiple Slavic languages have the word "siny", which describes a pale shade of blue-grey (the color of bruises, hypothermia, asphyxiation and rainy sky, as charmingly described by the wiktionary ;)). I wonder if there's any relation with "sini(nen)"?


I am using the Russian синий as a mnemonic for sininen.


sini also exists in Finnish and is possibly a Proto-Slavic loanword. It could, however, be older than that, a word originally used by the first known inhabitants of Europe (before both Indo-Europeans and Finno-Ugrics) and adopted from them by the Finnic people and the Slavic people alike. The Pashto word, شین, (šhin, "blue/green") is one potential very old relative. In Finnish, sini is used as a noun or as a prefix but the adjective always has the -nen ending.

  • sininen taivas the/a blue sky (adjective)
  • taivaan sini the blue of the sky (noun)
  • siniristilippu the/a blue cross(ed) flag (prefix)

puna + inen ("red") works the same way, but kelta + inen ("yellow") and valko + inen ("white") have first parts that work only as prefixes but not as nouns. :)


French joke. Pourquoi le lapin est bleu ? (Why is the bunny blue?) Car on l’a peint ! (Pronounce ”lapin”) (Because it was painted ! )


Im pretty sure bunnys arnt blue unless they painted it

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