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"Suomalainen on velho ja ruotsalainen viikinki."

Translation:The Finn is a wizard and the Swede a Viking.

June 24, 2020



The English translation is a little awkwardly written.


Other than the omission of the common verb?

I personally find the Finnish text funny in its double meaning "The Finn is a wizard and a Swedish viking". The adjectives for nationalities and the nouns for the members of the corresponding people are the same in Finnish: suomalainen = "a Finn", "Finnish".


The correct translation should be 'The Finn is a wizard, and the Swede a Viking'. This is technically grammatically correct, however it would be more natural in English if 'is' was inserted after Swede


Same, i wrote that and it was marked as incorrect... :P


It should be accepted. The system has probably not integrated that answer yet. #betaproblems


When you are sure that your answer is correct (check for typos) just hit the report button. That helps contributors add acceptable translations.


I think it would be better in both languages if is/on was included in "...and the Swede IS a viking" and "...ja ruotsalainen ON viikinki".


As a native English speaker from Australia, I disagree. It's perfectly natural word order to me, and I've seen it in British literature before, too.


Korpiklaani vibes


Hi, may the sentence be read as "the Finnish is a wizard and a Swede viking"? I know my translation doesn't make sense in context but it is grammatically correct, so how can I tell if ruotsalainen is working as an adejective or a noun?


Ooooo That's a good question! Thank you for spotting it. I'll add a verb to keep the Swede and the Viking separate (so that they don't start fighting). It may take 1-2 weeks for the system to notice the edit. :)


Thank you for the fast response! :) So, in this kind of sentences the only way to spot the true meaning intended is by context, right?


Could the Finnish sentence have a double meaning, as in "The Finn is a wizard and a Swedish viking?"


In the current form, yes. I've added another on between ruotsalainen and viikinki. May take a while for the edit to get integrated in the course. :)


it dumb that this one tests my English skills and not Finnish


100% same thing, learning English articles, and not Finnish language


Haha, same here, I failed because I was too dumb to form a correct English sentence (which is awkward as an actual English teacher) ^^°


Enjoy this sentence while it is still allowed to say something about a nationality/ethnicity you do not belong to. The sentences about the Sami are already being "corrected":



Thank you ginzburg for the link. The subject is very interesting and launched me into some research on Sami and their religions, which I wouldn't likely have done, (at least not today)!

I wish people wouldn't downvote. I can understand using the downvote as a means to lower the position of a comment in a thread (its intended use) but people also use it to show disagreement or to try to tell you something (like you've made a typo, or your English is not perfect). People, we cannot read your minds. If you disagree, don't be lazy, don't be illiterate. Don't just downvote, comment!


I dont understand the English version.....


Don't we need "on" after ruotsolainen as well?


yeah, I also wanna ask this...


As it was discussed above, the contributers have added it to make the sentence clearer, but the system might need a bit to notice :)


A bit weird translation

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