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No button to type "ä" yet, e.g. "I am Pyry" "Minä olen Elsa". Hopefully will be added soon :-)

Hi there, firstly I am so happy to see the Finnish course released! Congratulations! Paljon onnea! Just want to quickly say, and I'm guessing Mari (Zzzzz...) and Anna (Anna928307) are well aware, there isn't yet a button to type "ä" on Duolingo, for example when translating one of the sentences like "I am Elsa". Hope someone at Duolingo can add it soon though :) Kiitos for the course! :D

June 24, 2020



For now I suggest using the "US International" keyboard (at least for Windows users, but something similar should be available on Mac and Linux; and on mobile it's easy to type umlauts with a long-tap).

Using the "US International" keyboard, by pressing " and a/o/u you get ä/ö/ü.


Thanks! We're working on this :)


Why the US international keyboard. Not everybody is American though. There are plenty of other native English speakers here (plus others) who are not American.


It would be great if this button existed but until it does try using a different keyboard (eg i use the finnish layout keyboard) or download an onscreen keyboard (for PC) and change the language to include one with umlauts If you're on an android phone you could download a new keyboard/change language, and with an iphone even with the english keyboard you can hold down the a to find the umlauts

Hope that helps!


If you are using a computer with alt codes, ä is alt 132.

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