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The Finnish course audio.

I was curious if any one else is having trouble hearing the audio clearly. For myself, the audio is very robotic/distorted and I am regularly struggling to make out even single syllables.

In some cases, the slow speed audio plays in slow enough that I can guess it right. However, this is problematic, since the only reason I am able to even make a guess is because I am maybe 20% of the way through the course and there are only so many possible options. Later in the course, I am going have way more than only 2 or 3 possible options for the sounds that I think I am hearing through the robotic gurgle.

Even with that said, sometimes even the slow audio speed doesn't give a clear enough sound for me to be able to hear what is being said.

I am report the audio everytime this happens.

Anyone else struggling with this?

June 24, 2020



I've just started, but so far the audio is really clear for me. Using web version, but so far only in the first skill unit.


I'm fluent in Finnish and I can say the audio is very clear and not distorted. It may just take a while to get used to the sounds of Finnish. I remember starting the Swedish course and not being able to understand the audio so it must be very common.

Edit: There are definitely a few glitches. I've run into a few words where the particle is cut off and the pronunciation of islantia sounded like the word island in English in one question.


It is excellent on my browser.


It's extremely clear for me. I am using the web version on a desk top.
The apps seem to have a lot of problems. What are you using ?


Hmm. I am using the web version.

Perhaps, the transition between syllables in Finnish is blended together more than English. That, along with the computer voice, may enough for my untrained ears to hear the audio as a computerized muffle.

I guess I'll keep going and see if it gets any more clear the more I study.

Thanks for letting me know it's good on your end.


The audio has been quite clear on the android app for me.


Little robotic and some things pronounced completely wrong, but other than that it's alright.


I have noticed as well that the pronunciation can be pretty hilarious. Sometimes it sounds like it combines words like: ujoja; instead of a clear: ujo ja

Also in the slowed down versions sometimes letters are carried over from one words ending to the next words start. Example: Miikka kja; when it should be: Miikka ja.


well it is auto-generated, so not actually a person speaking the sentences I think, so it's not going to be perfect sadly :(


Can't get better than in a language like Finnish with such a regular representation of the spoken sounds in writing

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