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  5. "lämmin sauna"

"lämmin sauna"

Translation:a warm sauna

June 24, 2020


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"Lämmin sauna" is not really Finnish sauna. Sauna must be hot ("kuuma"), 80°C or more.


Actually, it would have to be at least 90–100°C for me to call a sauna kuuma, and 60–90°C would be my lämmin sauna (where I feel comfortable, although I prefer at least 75°C). Lower than that is kylmä sauna, a cold sauna.


It's impossible to live in those temperatures @[email protected]


No one lives in temperatures like that, but it goes there to get sweat on the skin, and then we go in the shower (or rather swim, or sneak in the snow). After that, you are so clean you won’t believe it.

Even in the summer heat, when you go to the sauna and swim, you will feel cool for a long time.


I meant it's impossible (for me) even for 5 minutes. I hate heat :D and "heat" is everything above 24 Celsius :] So any sauna is out of my interest.


Congratulations to me for answering this wrong due to the missing "a" in the beginning of the English answer


Just report it. The English sentence makes sense without the a.


"Warm sauna" is not a sentence because it doesn't contain any predicate.


Disrespectful to the Sauna elfs

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