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le livre d’étudiant vs le livre de l’étudiant

What is the difference in meaning?

June 24, 2020



le livre de l’étudiant

The book of the student. (The book that belongs to the student or the student's book.)

le livre d’étudiant

The book of student. (The book for, or about, students.)

This is an example of what many English-language French texts call "possessive de" and "descriptive de". The first is an example of the possive de and the second is an example of the descriptive de. I emphasize the English bit because that's how French gets taught to anglophones. I do not know how French gets taught to francophones. My guess is that this would not need to be clarified to francophones: it would be natural that the "book of the student" is possessive and "the book of student" is descriptive.


I’m not sure le livre d’étudiant is proper French, but if it is, it means “the student book”—that is, the book a student would use rather than one a teacher would use. On the other hand, le livre de l’étudiant means “the student’s book”, as in the book belonging to a particular student. Ça va ?

Timor mortis conturbat me.


I speack French and I never heard le livre d'étudiant. This sentence just don't exist and it means nothing, it have no sense. But le livre de l'étudiant is the book of the student.


i though i was really good at french before, but now after reading all of your comments i feel as though i need to work a lot harder since i barely understood a thing you all said other then "le livre et etudiante"


"Le livre d'étudiant" n'est jamais employé en français !! c'est même choquant. "Le" est défini et "d'étudiant" est indéfini. Un livre d'étudiant est correct, c'est un livre qui appartient ou peut appartenir à un étudiant. "Le livre de l'étudiant" peut avoir deux sens : 1) le livre qui appartient à un étudiant bien précis, 2) un manuel ou un livre qui explique comment un étudiant doit se comporter, comme le manuel du soldat ou du plombier

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