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  5. "Musti ja me"

"Musti ja me"

Translation:Musti and we

June 24, 2020



Musti and we sounds unnatural, something along the lines of 'Musti and us' would be a more fitting translation.


Yep. "Musti and us" is what I wrote without even thinking, and then was surprised by the "another correct answer".


I put "We and Musti" to avoid using the object pronoun ("us") in place of the subject pronoun ("we"), which is also a correct way to say it, despite reversing the order.


Musti and we is not gramatically correct in English. It should either be Musti and I, us and musti, Musti and me. But we and us are both unnatural in that translation


"Musti and we went to the river this morning to chase rabbits." = grammatical

"Musti and us went to the river this morning to chase rabbits." = a grammatical train wreck.

If I am speaking to three kids and have asked what they did, and they respond by advising what they did and that they were joined by that rascally dog Musti, then "Musti and we" is perfectly grammatical, whereas "us and Musti" would not be.


'Musti and we' will always be unnatural, regardless of if it's technically correct. The problem is that we just wouldn't word the sentence like that. If we're excluding Musti from the 3rd person plural like that, then we would say something like 'We went with Musti to the river'.

The unnatural-sounding English fragment has clearly thrown quite a few people off, and personally I would rather a longer and slightly more difficult sentence that would show how and when one would say 'Musti ja me' - because right now, the Finnish isn't working for me because the English translation gives no clues to natural usage.


marpole- maybe something along the lines here:

we are eating - musti and we are eating,

we will be eating at 6 - musti and we will be eating at 6


"Unnatural," perhaps. But not grammatically incorrect.


I don't think there's any grammar at play here. The literal word for word translation would be Musti and we. It doesn't matter if it makes sense, just like the prior example sentences about wizards and shamans. And for the record, I have never heard anyone say or write ''name and we'' OR ''name and us''.


You're right - that is the literal translation. But just because it is word for word translated doesnt mean that it is correct in the translated language. The fact is that it sounds wrong to native english speakers because no one has ever or will ever use that grammar.


Musti and us would be correct


Similar to the Hungarian's 1° plural person Mi


Agree with the other comment. "Musti and we" is not correct, but instead "Musti and us"


It is correct on a grammatical level, but "Musti and us" is more colloquial, and is far more widely accepted


This fragment of a sentence, out of context, is baffling. Is this a subject? Then Musti and we is correct. Musti went to the park + we went to the park = Musti and we went to the park.

Is it an object? Then Musti and us is correct. My dad saw Musti + my dad saw us = My dad saw Musti and us

Context or longer sentences would be a lot more useful than fragments!!! :-)


This does not make sense. It should be Musti and us


This sounds very wrong in English - "Musti and us" just sounds far more natural.


In American English most likely people would say something like "We went with Musti" or "We took Musti with us" or "Us and Musti". If it was just me and my dog, I would say "Me and Musti" or Musti and I". "Musti and we" and "Musti and us" sound awkward and not conversational/natural, even if they might be technically correct.

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