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"Oho! Täällä on tosi paljon lunta."

Translation:Oh wow! There is quite a lot of snow here.

June 24, 2020



There is quite a lot of snow


Missing the word "of"


"Oh! There is a lot of snow here" - Shouldn't it be accepted? Please, correct me if I'm wrong ^^


I think that translates paljon lunta, but not tosi paljon lunta. For tosi, I believe you'd need something like 'quite' or 'really'.


Oh here is a lot of snow could also work. "Täällä" means here, not there. "Siellä" would mean there.


Täällä does mean here in a general sense but in the english translation "there" in this instance it means a state of being rather than locating where the snow is. I think that for "here is a lot of snow" you would need to use "tässä" which is more specific.


a) simply oh or wow should suffice as oho is just a general exclamation of surprise or wonder and b) it's missing the word "of", so it should /could also be: "oh! Here is quite a lot of snow!


I'm sorry but "quite a lot of snow" would translate to "aika paljon lunta" which clearly was not the question that was asked.


Duolingo's one-to-one system really does not work for expletives which almost never have an exact correlate across languages. Assigning such words an exact translation is deceitful and detrimental to learning. The grading system either needs to be significantly more lenient with 'voi', 'oho', and the like, or simply not include them in the course.


Shouldn't "Täällä on tosi paljon lintua" also work? I was 100% sure they were asking for birds


"A lot of birds" would be "paljon lintuja" (plural partitive), not "paljon lintua" (singular partitive).

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Shouldn't that be "todella"? I think tosi is a dialectal word


How would you say "There are quite a lot of birds here"? Won't it be lintua? Maybe lintuja if it needs a plural?

There's often a huge flock of birds outside my home, so when I read the sentence and had to select the missing word, it was obvious to me that it was a sentence about birds. Apparently not.


I'm not sure, but I think "a lot of birds" would be "paljon lintuja."


"Quite a lot" feels like a clumsy translation for "tosi paljon" like you are trying to be posh with your English.

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