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"There are three small children walking in the forest."

Translation:Metsässä kävelee kolme pientä lasta.

June 24, 2020



Juoksee means running, not walking

[deactivated user]

    Apparantly DL corrected this. Either that, or they just have multiple versions ... xD


    Juoksee - juosta means running. Walking is kävellä. Also you can arrange the words in multiple different ways and still be correct. "Metsässä juoksee kolme pientä lasta" Is equally correct as "Kolme pientä lasta juoksee metsässä"


    You can arrange the words in multiple different ways, but they're not all equally correct with a given English translation. Language is not simply the sum of all the semantic meanings in the sentence. Different word orders emphasise different parts of the sentence and are appropriate in different pragmatic contexts.

    Metsässä kävelee kolme pientä lasta. = There are three small children walking in the forest.

    Kolme pientä lasta kävelee metsässä. = (The) three small children walk/are walking in the forest.

    Placing kolme pientä lasta first is usual when we are talking about a specific, known group of three children. Placing metsässä first lowers the topicality of kolme pientä lasta and means that we'd be more likely to use an existential sentence with there are in English as we're introducing them for the first time.


    Absolutely this. Two correct arrangements apply.


    Yeah, juoksee/ juosta = to run


    Juoksee is a conjugation if the verb to run, not walk, otheriwse good :)


    Not only is walking "kävelee", not "juoksee" but the word order is too strict. "Metsässä juoksee/kävelee kolme pientä lasta." or "Kolme pientä lasta juoksee/kävelee metsässä." are both correct


    This should be: Kolme pientä lasta kävelee metsässä


    Metsässä kävelee kolme pientä lasta fits the English translation better.


    Is Metsässä kolme pientä lasta kävelee wrong? Currently it's not accepted.


    Metsäsaä kolme pientä lasta kävelee is grammatically correct but it sounds very poetic and expects to have a full story afterwards (..what are the children doing etc).


    Juoksee means running, not walking


    Juoksee means running not walking.

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