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  5. "Onko sinulla jotain herkkua?"

"Onko sinulla jotain herkkua?"

Translation:Do you have any delicacies?

June 24, 2020



"have have" is a duplication. "some treat" is bad English.


I thought jotain meant "something". Like "jotain juotavaa" = "something to drink". Is it in this case something like "something treat-y"? I know it is not proper English. I am trying to understand why "jotain" is there at all.

Would "Onko sinulla herkkua?" mean something different?


'Something' = 'jotain' BUT... In English you tend to use the word 'something' with uncountable things and the word 'some' with countable ones (e.g. 'some car', 'some woman'). In Finnish, however, you can use 'jotain' with both countable and uncountable things. In other words you can say 'jotain autoa', 'jotain naista' and so on. Sometimes this makes word for word translation difficult or even impossible. You would really only say "Onko sinulla jotain herkkua?" to a GOOD friend when you've got the munchies and want to know if he/she happens to have any cookies, cake, candy or something tasty like that to offer you. (By the way, the same kind of translation difficulties often arise when the words 'any/anything' or 'no/nothing' are involved.)


I wanted me to write "do you have have some treat"


"Do you have something tasty" should be considered a valid answer


I think there's an error in English


For sure an error in translation


Tuohan on virhe. Ei kai ae pisä olla have have. One is enough


it should be 'any', not 'some', right?


Do you have something for a treat?


I would say herkkuja (plural)

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