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"The mouse is hiding near the mushroom."

Translation:Hiiri on piilossa lähellä sientä.

June 24, 2020



Sienen lähellä would sound more natural


Is 'sienen' genitive? If so, this sentence probably needs to apear later in the course after they've introduced it. Also, is lähellä-partitiivi generally weird or is it just something about mushrooms?


Yes, 'sienen' is genitive. "Hiiri on piilossa sienen lähellä" or "Hiiri on sienen lähellä piilossa" would indeed sound more natural than "Hiiri on piilossa lähellä sientä." But all of them are perfectly understandable sentences to a Finn. Still, it would ABSOLUTELY be better to teach the genitive version here because you HAVE TO use genitive if you want to say any of the following: "in front of the mushroom" = "sienen edessä", "behind the mushroom" = "sienen takana", "next to the mushroom" = "sienen vieressä", "under the mushroom" = "sienen alla", "on the mushroom" = "sienen päällä", etc. However, it's good and even necessary to know the structure "lähellä sientä" as well. Here's an example: "as close/near to the mushroom as possible" = "niin lähellä sientä kuin mahdollista" (or "niin lähelle sientä kuin mahdollista" depending on context).


Ah thanks! Yeah, I'm sure they'll get to the genitive in the next expansion after the beta and we'll learn all these nice constructs.

So, what is it about "Hiiri on piilossa..." that makes it sound unnatural and what is different about "niin ... kuin mahdollista"?


Genitive+postpositional is how it was taught to me.


Why not "... lähellä sieni"? Is not "sientä" plural and "the mushroom" singular?


No, sientä is partitive singular. Partitive plural is sieniä. The object is in partitive because on piilossa signifies an ongoing event. Although "sienen lähellä" would also be correct and possibly preferred way of saying it.

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