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  5. "My mother has a bull."

"My mother has a bull."

Translation:Shimá dóola bee hólǫ́.

June 24, 2020



"bee" is a pretty interesting word. Wiktionary calls it a "postposition", in this case in the third person, meaning "with, by means of" the third-person noun that precedes it. Apparently Navajo has 1st person, 2nd person, 3rd person, and then three kinds of 4th person as well as "reflexive" and "reciprocal" cases, so I can't wait until DL comes up with grammatical descriptions of each of these, as well as a lot of sentences to get us used to how they're used! A lot of work to get beyond Beta, so I hope they're budgeting for it.... Still, it's a good thing to expose students to words and patterns even when we don't yet fully grasp the structure and meaning. How else would children ever learn?


I dont know how to make the correct tone symbols with my keyboard


Same. I put hóló and it said I should have put hólo'.


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