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  5. "Pöytä on varjossa."

"Pöytä on varjossa."

Translation:The table is in the shade.

June 24, 2020



"In the shadow" is awkward English. Should maybe translate as "shade."


Agreed. In seems in English "shadow" is more of specific to a smaller and tangible object. Large objects, larger than a car or so cast "shade". Trees and houses cast shade. Humans cast shadows. So in this case there is some ambiguity the original sentence, but I'd imagine it's shade.


I can stand in the shadow of a large building on a hot day, though.


Absolutely - when it's hot, we look for shade. It would be strange to stand in someone's shadow for shelter from the sun. A table would definitely be put in a shady spot on a hot day, so definitely "in the shade."

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