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  5. "Hän puhuu taas englantia."

"Hän puhuu taas englantia."

Translation:He is speaking English again.

June 24, 2020



The meaning and accepted answer are slightly different. My answer was the same as the meaning listed but it said the answer was incorrect and that the correct answer is 'He is speaking in English again.'


I submitted "hän puhu taas englantia" and it was accepted, but I was not corrected/reminded to conjugate it to "puhuu".


Duolingo apparently has a "one tipping mistake" policy. So you 'can' have one letter wrong for exercise.


Thanks for the info Lucien!


Is there a present progressive tense on is it just contextual?


Progressive aspect is a feature that Finnish does not have. However, Finnish present tense verbs even without an auxiliary verb usually correspond more closely to a present progressive verb phrase than a simple present verb phrase.

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