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"one good dog and one naughty cat"

Translation:yksi kiltti koira ja yksi tuhma kissa

June 24, 2020



What is the difference between 'kiltti' and 'hyvä'? is it the gender of the noun or is it something else?


Finnish has no genders. "Kiltti" means "kind" and "hyvä" means "good".


"Kiltti" has more meanings than that and "good". It can mean "obedient", "nice", and "friendly", for example. (It can also be a noun.)

"Hyvä" can only mean "good".


Thanks for the explanation, I also wondered (and wrote hyvä, 'cause that's what I learned in my textbooks...) - every day you learn something new ♥


Seems like the opposite of "tuhma." For Chinese speakers, "kiltti" means 乖. Don't know about Finnish, but this word is mostly used to describe little children and pets.


"Kiltti" is most often used to describe little children and pets in Finnish.


So "kiltti" can be used as if it were something like "braaf" in Dutch? (Just making sure I got it)


I'd say so. 'Lief' would be my first thought, but especially in the context of a pet, 'braaf' is probably the best translation. The word 'kiltti' sounds mainly friendly in my mind, but I wonder if it is also used in the same sort of negative way as 'braaf' can be used, to say that someone is not adventurous/daring, someone who always follows the rules and is therefore called boring?


Oh, I forgot about that connotation (Over here in Belgium that meaning isn't really used). I think Wippii has answered that question for me;

"... It can mean 'obedient',...".

So I think you're right in that it does work like both meanings of "braaf". If you're a native don't hesitate to call me out if I'm completely wrong :)

(Also, why does a single 'enter' press not show in the final message?)


Why a cat can’t be kind ?

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