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"Sortez un peu et amusez-vous dans le jardin."

Translation:Go out a little and have fun in the yard.

June 24, 2020



What is wrong with 'Go out for a while and have fun in the garden'? In England we don't talk about the yard, it's the garden.


------- and, "jardin " has ALWAYS translated to "garden ", not yard . . .

Big 8 jul 20


It's been "yard" in a handful of other lessons.


Yes, but they were wrong too: "yard" in French = "cour", "jardin" = "garden"


Well we do have yard in England but its more of a utility area than a garden.


It accepts "garden" - it rejected "for a while"; to me, your suggestion would imply a longer time span than "a little"! :)


Exactly! Sounds perfect to me. That's what I put.


"go out a little" is not idiomatic english


Surely this should be "Go out for a little "or even better "Go out for a while"? "Go out a little" sounds more like what you would say to someone who needed to get out more!


Right: or just stick your foot out the door, like.


I thought this does mean what you say to people who need to get out more, like kids, old people, depressed people, and so on.

"You kids spend too much time moping in the house. Go out a little and have fun!" This makes perfect sense.


another poor translation. better in english is ' go out for a while and have fun in the garden'


Go out 'a little ' is very poor English ;'for a while' is much more natural and 'a yard' in English is not the same as 'a garden'.


I find myself doing this rather frequently. I hope I am not a source of annoyance to anyone. I wrote "Go out a little and enjoy yourself in the yard". The difference between the suggested translation and the one I gave is the expression "have fun" versus "enjoy yourself". If you tell someone to have fun you are essentially telling them to enjoy yourself.


Yes I have had enjoy yourself rejected too - amuse yourself is accepted though!


You can suggest these alternative translations using the flag icon.


Who says "go out a little", in this context ? Either you go out or you don't; go out for a bit, go out for a little while, or any other suggestion here, and "have fun/ enjoy yourself, works equally well ... let's register our suggestions


Go out for a BIT and have fun in the GARDEN ...is what sounds natural to me


That's exactly what I wrote but it's too natural for Duo!


No. It's too British for Duo. This translation makes sense, as is, in Duo's native dialect. If you think a Britishism should be added, use the flag button to suggest it. But most likely the default translation will never be changed, even as dozens of variations are added and accepted.

Another consideration is that the default translation is designed to easily translate back into French. Therefore, it's often more direct and less smooth than other possible translations. So suggest with the report flag and you will help to make the process smoother for your countrymen .


"Go out a little..."??? Perhaps, "Go out for a little while...", but as is, the English sentence doesn't make much sense. Any French speakers able to clarify the the meaning?


Does anyone know why "sortez" is just "sortez" and "amusez-vous" has the pronoun attached? Thank you!


Yes, s'amuser is a reflexive verb. Sortir is not.


jardin is garden, not yard


Victimized by Duoenglish again. Bad translation.


There is more than one possible English translation of this.


go out for a little bit and amuse yourself in the garden


The French might make sense, but the English does not. How about "Go out in a bit..."


'In a bit' would mean 'Go out after a little while'. I did suggest 'for a bit' as an acceptable answer though.


Yard is the American equivalent of jardin., so we need just to accept this. The French equivalent of our English yard would be la cour, hence courtyard. A farmyard is cour de ferme.


WEIRD phrase. It would always be " go out and have a little fun .....! Duo should change this


What's wrong with garden and amuse yourself? Should I go or should I stay? Do I have to do everything the all-American way?


To my surprise, "Go out a bit and amuse yourself in the garden" was accepted.

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