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  5. My Dutch flag disappeared...


My Dutch flag disappeared...

... but from the discussion forum only. Doesn't really matter so much for me, just thought I'd let you know. What I mean is, it shows my Spanish flag and level, just not my Dutch one. Which was there before.

Then when I posted this message, it was back. Then I deleted it, and my flag was again gone?!? So now I post again and keep it like that, because something is... funky.

August 3, 2014



seriously, when I post this message it returns like nothing happened!?! I must be stupid or something...


The Dutch course has been trying to work out a few technical bugs. So, a few things might be appearing and disappearing from time to time. :) But thank you for bringing it to their attention!


It just got me confused there for a moment :P But thank you for the reply, I will be better prepared for bugs now!


A couple of months later my Dutch flag still keeps disappearing like it owes me money. Anyone else still have this problem?


That description, lol!


Testing again:

Hey it's back!

Nope... Gone again :-s

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