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  5. "Aino ja Väinö"

"Aino ja Väinö"

Translation:Aino and Väinö

June 24, 2020



That's a good example to see how the sounds of a/ä and o/ö are different.


I hear the o/ö difference but the a/ä sounds just almost the same to me


"A" is like the u sound in "cup".

"Ä" is like the a sound in "cat".

When you say "aaaa" you kinda just drop your jaw an make the sound but when you say "ääää" your mouth is opened a bit wider. Try saying "aaaaa" and then smile and try to make the "äääää" sound. Hope this helps!


To me "a" sounds similar to how A is usually pronounced in English (as in the word "car") while "ä" is more similar to how Spanish and Italians speakers pronounce their A's (as in the word "llama"). I don't know if I'm right but that's how I perceive these sounds

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