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3.50K+ active learners in 12 hours! It is awesome!

As you know, the Finnish course was finally released about 12 or 13 hours ago and there were only 24 learners. And then when I just looked at the number, I was surprised, there are over 3.50K active learners already. It looks there are so many of us who wat to master this language!

Even the tree is quite small and there are over 1000 words only, we are going to have a wonderful time learning this language. I haven't heard about Finnish before. However, I found out about it here - in Duolingo.

I am sure that our great contributors are still working on this course, to enlarge the tree and give us better and more effective skills and lessons. Thank you so much for this language course! Sincerely, Saydobid Xusanov

June 24, 2020



I know, right? Earlier it was stuck on 46, I reloaded about three hours later, boom 2k+ learners. I think the forum greatly anticipating it coming out was the main contribution to the vast amount of people joining.

Also, thank you for your detailed posts to this community. Every time I see one of them I get excited, because they are always well-thought out, intricate, and respectful. Have five lingots.


Yes, you are right. Also thank you, I just don't want people to see 2 or 3 simple sentences when they open my post :)

Edit: Thank you for lingots and great words


Thank you for that! Also glad that you’re part of this “Finnish Frenzy!”


Ikr that is awesome! It's such a popular language on Duolingo since it is new! This is the only language I've seen been introduced to the courses. Is it like this other times as well?

P.S Catch 10 lingots! =D Throws


Yay, Finally the flag shows up! lol


Yes, it does, you can see it next to my profile as well :)

P.S. Thank you for lingots :)

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