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  5. "Korea on komea kieli."

"Korea on komea kieli."

Translation:Korean is a handsome language.

June 24, 2020



Handsome language?


Yea I don't get it either


I am not a native English speaker but it is my understanding that handsome can be used with things, meaning beautiful or also elegant



I am a native English speaker (both New England and West Coast dialects) and "handsome" could be used, applying it as a near-synonym to "elegant," but it feels very formal, and I can't say I've ever actually heard it used to describe a language. That said, I definitely have heard "That was a handsome turn of phrase" used to describe a particularly elegant use of language. Seeing it used here made my eyebrows go up (in reflexive skepticism), but after a moment of squinting at it I decided it was possible, albeit improbable.


I suppose one could say it, but in my 60-some years of mid-atlantic and new england living, i've never heard it applied to a language. Maybe it's a british thingie.


I am British and we don't say that here i don't think any type of English says it it's a rather strange sentence to be honest


What they mean is that 'komea kieli' is a good Finnish phrase not meaning exactly 'kaunis kieli', so they had to translate it somehow to English...


I don't think it applies to languages. Handsome in this sense means only "good looking", not "elegant" necessarily


I am a native speaker of English, and it cannot.


I am a native speaker of English, and it absolutely can...


I live in the UK and handsome only ever describes the physical beauty of something


Without being harsh, you must be fairly isolated dialectually. If you win a lawsuit, you might get a "handsome" settlement. If you're looking for a new flat, the rental costs may be too "handsome" in some neighborhoods. It's actually quite common to use handsome in UK English describing monetary value.


By the way, korea is a Finnish adjective describing something beautiful/decorated/handsome.

Kirkon maalaukset olivat koreat. The paintings in the church were...


You mean komea? Because there is a korea in this sentence and it means something else.


No, "korea" is an adjective as well, meaning exactly what they said. There's also the idiomatic expression "panna pöytä koreaksi", which means arranging a dining table so that it looks pretty and appetising. It's a source of some puns, such as this: https://bit.ly/2P2KuH9


Something about calling a language handsome is really funny to me.


Friendly reminder that downvoting a sentence discussion is not a good idea! When a sentence's tally sits at anywhere below zero, the sentence cannot be searched for any longer; and at -5, it vanishes from the Sentence tab in the forum. Together, this means that the people who need to find these sentences to fix them, answer questions, etc. cannot find them any longer (except through the course itself which is very time consuming!), and thus nothing can be resolved.

So please, don't downvote sentence discussions!

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


Man, it sounds like the backend design of the course-building resources is a mess...


One of the definitions of "handsome" in the Oxford Shorter English Dictionary is "easy to use." Another is "handy".

It seems that languages can be handsome. I am learning other languages to better understand my own. As Rabbie Burns said, "O wad some power the giftie gie us, To see oursels as others see us."


We don't use it, though. Go ahead and say it, but people will look at you funny.


I am accustomed to people looking at me funny.

I believe that if a word or a meaning has got into the dictionary, we should use it. The comics I read when I was a boy had a wider variety of words than modern novels aimed at grown-ups.


I think they tried to make a pun which is just confusing learners.


An even more confusing pun would be "korea on korea kieli", as mentioned above. :)


Ooooooooh, I see! "Korea," "komea;" alriiight, man, I can dіg thіs shіt, bro!


I'm pretty sure a language cannot be "handsome" in English, but is it correct in Finnish at least? Can a language be "komea" in Finnish, or would be "kaunis" more correct ?


It seems the answer is no. My friend's wife who is Finnish (and her first language is Finnish), says she would never use komea to describe a language. It's about the same as handsome in English and stilig in Swedish. You would understand the sentence but it's not the common way of expressing yourself.

I'm convinced that that the ones here saying that it's some kind of play with words are right (korea and komea looking alike). That's not very pedagogic from the course constructors though, and it just takes a lot of time to sort out for us confused users.


I can't vouch for Swedish, but in Norwegian you could certainly say Finsk er et stilig språk.


You can say it in Swedish as well, stilig is more like "elegant". We are probably making too much of this problem.


I think that "correct" English is not very important if this is the way Finnish expresses this idea.

Is this phrase giving us a hint of how Finnish language works?

I'd like to read the opinion of some native Finnish speakers.

Thanks in advance!


No, this is an exceedingly unlikely sentence in Finnish.


Saying that a language is "handsome" would never be used. Change it.


"handsome" is said of a person, not a language. Should say "kaunis kieli"


"Elegant" should be accepted, maybe?


languages can't be handsome in English.


How about calling Korean an "attractive" language.


Handsome? It should be "beaitiful".

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What is the difference between 'hansome' and 'beautiful' languages?


That's not a sentence any English speaker would ever say


So far, only korean has been handsome, all other languages have been beautiful. Is korean a masculine leanguage for whatever reason?


그렇습니다, 저도 한국어가 아주 잘생긴 언어라고 생각합니다! :)

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