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  5. "Olen sisukas suomalainen."

"Olen sisukas suomalainen."

Translation:I am a Finn with sisu.

June 24, 2020



For those interested, sisu is a Finnish apparently untranslatable word meaning being brave, courageous, standing upright and being strong (thanks, Bob Dylan) against adversities (more than "just" extreme polar weather). A life philosophy, love it.

For more info: https://finland.fi/arts-culture/sisu-within-finnish-key-life-love-success/


Thank you much! I was really confused with that word, but now I totally understand what it means :)


It's not so untranslatable as the national myth wants to tell. "Sisu" could very well be translated as "perseverance".


Thanks! Got a little confused there.


Couldn't this also be translated as "I am Finnish with sisu"?


The English language uses "Finnish" only as an adjective but not as a noun. It would also mean that the words that end the Finnish sentence are both adjectives and that would require having a comma between them. Even with the comma there it would sound like a line from a song or a poem. :)


You could say "a Finnish person with sisu".


Is "sisukas" an adjective derived form "sisu"? Or is it declined form of "sisu"? I know only a few cases by now. It's such a pity Duolingo doesn't introduce raw grammar lessons.


It is an adjective derived from "sisu". Some examples of adjectives that are formed in the same way:

  • lahja + kas = with the gift/present = talented, gifted
  • äly + käs = with the intellect = intelligent


Can you say that about yourself? It's not seen as arrogant?


Hmm... Good question. It does sound more like the type of thing Finns yell at weather and inanimate objects now that I think of it. ;)


Why can't we just translate it as " I'm a brave Finn" ?


Because "sisukas" does not mean "brave". It's very similar to "plucky" and other words with similar meaning.


But, this is not a proper translation. "Sisukas" is not a word like "sauna" When you say "I am a man with sisu" I'm like "with who?!"


And I'm personally inclined to agree. But "brave" is not a better translation because it's incorrect. As I said, "plucky" is more fitting.


In my opinion, "perseverance" would be the best translation for "sisu".


The English sentance is wrong... Sisu is not a word, and should be translated to an English equivalent.


"A stoic determination to persevere in the face of adversity"? Next you'll want sauna translated into English. "An enclosed structure lined with wood heated by hot stones". It's ridiculous. Just accept that some Finnish words don't lend themselves to simple English translations. It's true in other languages as well. There are a number of French words/phrases that have been adopted into English.

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