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"Outoa! Uusi museo on vielä kiinni, vaikka se on jo valmis."

Translation:Strange! The new museum is still closed, although it is already ready.

June 24, 2020



"already ready" sounds a bit awkward in English because of the same roots, I would rather have said "already finished" or "already complete"

Besides, vaikka should accept both "although" and "even though", right now it's a lottery in each question that has it


Yes, this. I came to report the same thing. No one says "ready already" to describe a building.


Yeah, I have no issue with saying "already ready" or "ready already", but saying a building is "ready" is a bit odd.


Also, strange and weird should both be accepted. I've even seen it already having been accepted in a previous lesson


I put in exactly the same words during the placement test. I think I have been marked wrong because of the lack of punctuation, which I could not add because I had to click on each word rather than type it out myself.


Yes penalized for 'finished' English is more flexible. Come on.


[PL] Zadanie było już zrobione


This is borderline nonsense in American English. I suppose if someone, a child, said this, the meaning would be inferred. But this is a blatantly bad translation. And yes, as Taavetti 10 says, English is flexible: Strange could be any of: "Weird," "strange," "odd," "curious," "I wonder," "funny," "That's odd/strange/weird.." Next part: "The new museum isn't open yet" "The new museum still isn't open," "The new museum is still closed." Last part: "even though/although it seems ready," "even though it's ready to open," "even though it's already finished," etc.


Yeah i dont think "already ready" is technically wrong, but it sounds just a but ...weird. Or strange?


The choice of the word "ready" is weird. Needs to be "ready to open" or else some other word or phrase like "they finished building it ages ago "


"Ready", on its own is sufficient. "Already ready", doesn't quite work in English.

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