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  5. "That house is green."

"That house is green."

Translation:Tuo talo on vihreä.

June 24, 2020



I used "koti" instead of "talo" and it has been counted as false. So I wonder what is the difference between "koti" and "talo"?

Is "koti" like only your own home?


Yes, house is "talo" and home is "koti". As a native speaker I find "koti" being a very dear and personal thing and you use it only if you really speak about your home or somebody else's home. "Koti" is the one and only place you live in. Talo and koti are very different things. I have never heard anyone saying "that "koti" is green", but you could maybe say "your "koti" is green". And still - I wouldn't even say that to my friend. I would use "your "talo" is green". Maybe if they had a very green interior decoration I would use "koti". I hope this made it a bit more clear to you. :)


Yes, it is now completely clear! Kiitos paljon!


Minulla on vihreä kotti sisään the sims


Why isn't vihreä in the partitive case here?


I typed in the Finnish tuo..... I was incorrect for it didn't type in the English sentence. . The English sentence was given and I was to type in the Finnish.


Same comment and the continuing of the same sentence and directions for response is getting old.

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