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"I don't have either tea or herbal tea, but I have coffee."

Translation:Je n'ai ni thé ni tisane, mais j'ai du café.

June 24, 2020



Why "thé" and "tisane" don't have article but "du cafe" has article?


You don't usually use indefinite and partitive articles with the negative conjunction "ni"; "du café" is not being negated.



"Je n'ai ni du thé ni de la tisane, mais j'ai du café" is accepted.


Should prendre not be accepted here in place of avoir? I interpreted "to have" here as "to drink regularly".


the same, but now I see that what they mean here is il n'y a ni the ni tisane chez moi, juste du cafe


I could be wrong, but i think "prendre" would be used if you're ordering something. I think the sentence in this context is in the viewpoint of the host, i.e. I'm offering you coffee since I don't have tea. Not "I'll order a coffee"


I think you are 100% right!


Agree completely. "Prendre" is how I interpreted it too. In fact, in most instances, Duo does use "have" to mean "prendre", especially when it comes to beverages.


With regards to food/drinks , Prendre has been used by DUO to mean 'have/take' as "I am having a soda" "I will have a tuna sandwich'. Synonymous almost with the verbs eat/drink/consume. Here the context is 'I have coffee in the cupboard but no tea or herbal tea"...


In a previous lesson, articles were used with 'ni'. What's the rule for this please?


I used prendre and was marked wrong. I'm confident enough that it should have been accepted that i've reported it.


Came to the discussion with THE TWO questions that others have...(a) why is the partitive(or definite) articles missing unlike other examples....(b) why is prendre rejected? Answer #1: It is always OK to put the ARTICLE..(DUO does accept it as MatthewB6 posted) BUT when the nouns refer to 'uncountable/bulk' items like tea or beer or coffee then you can(maybe should) leave out the articles. Here is a link of how to use ne..ni...ni from the reputable LAWLESS with an example using tea and beer in the quiz. https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/negative-conjunctions/

Answer #2: (why not prendre) Look no further than the man on the bike "nigeranoma" elsewhere in the posts.. for a brilliant piece of deduction..I am throwing a lingot his way.


But in other examples DL does


Prendre has been used a lot but not now why not!


See the posts by nigeroma, yours truly, and also this link https://french.kwiziq.com/questions/view/avoir-vs-prendre.

While the verbs may be loosely interchangeable prendre means to actually be in the process of 'having' the food item or at least ordering it ....

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