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"Why is there no jam in this lörtsy?"

Translation:Miksi tässä lörtsyssä ei ole yhtään hilloa?

June 24, 2020



I put "Miksi tässä lörtsyssä ei ole hilloa?" - Is this not also correct?


It should be correct. Yhtään emphasises that there isn't any jam at all but it shouldn't be necessary


You answer is actually more correct. ''Yhtään'' translates to ''any - at all'' in this sentence. If the English sentence was ''Why isn't there any jam at all in this lörtsy?'', then the word ''yhtään'' would be required.

It is not wrong to add ''yhtään'' here but it is not necessary. Your answer is correct.

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It's correct


This answer is accepted now (26dec 20)


Why is there no jam in this lörtsy?- Miksi tässä lörtsyssä ei ole hilloa?. There should either be "any" in English version- "Why isn't there ANY jam in this lörtsy", or "yhtään" has to go. I was kind of confused about what word I'm expected to put into the blank (yhtään) as a translation to current English version. Reported.


Miksi ei ole yhtään hilloa tässä lörtsyssä? Why is this wrong?


The word order is just awkward/ unnatural; very unlikely to ever see or hear it that way unless someone tried to get poetic or something.


Why does the "yhtään" should be put if there's not the "any" in the sentence?


"Miksi ei ole hilloa tässä lörtsyssä?" That's how it's written in English...


Finnish is a different language though. ;) In which that is an unnatural sounding word order.


I'm not certain if it counted my answer wrong because I left out yhtään despite there not being at all in the English sentence or because I've put tässä lörtsyssä at the end of the sentence


WHy is yhtään necessary at all?

There's no "any" or "at all" in the original sentence? The sentence as originally given to me, without the yhtään was already complete.


There is not "any" in the sentence so the yhtään should not be there I think.


My answer was "Miksi ei ole hilloa tässä lörtsyssä?" - to me, it makes perfect sense, but it wasn't accepted. Why?


Your option has very unnatural word order and you missed “yhtään” which emphasizes no jam aspect. They want “Why is there NO jam in this lörtsy?” And your version is more like “why jam is not in this lörtsy?” and still weird words order.

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