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"The Finn is a wizard and the Norwegian person a Viking."

Translation:Suomalainen on velho ja norjalainen viikinki.

June 24, 2020



"Suomalainen on velho ja norjalainen ihminen on viikinki" was not accepted. Can someone explain the reasoning for this? Is it just redundancy? Thank you. <3


It should be labeled as correct


I don't think you need "ihminen", because norjalainen is already referring to a person, but I'm only guessing on that.


Is the second "on" not needed between "norjalainen" and "viikinki"?


It's not needed since it is the same verb. Functions just like in many other languages when you want to avoid repeating yourself.

Koira on ruskea ja kissa (on) musta. (The dog is brown and the cat (is) black.)

Pyry syö pastaa ja Anna (syö) keittoa. (Pyry eats pasta and Anna (eats) soup.)


I'm not sure about grammar, but it would be more clear if you included the "on". Now it could be understood as "The Finn is a wizard and a Norwegian viking". So imo it should be "...ja norjalainen on viikinki".

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