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"He walks as silently as a mouse."

Translation:Hän kävelee hiljaa kuin hiiri.

June 24, 2020



I wrote "Hän kavelee yhtä hiljaa kuin hiiri." Is this not correct? https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/yht%C3%A4_kuin


"Yhtä hiljaa" should be accepted. I am a native


I learned out of a dictionary that this sentence should go like this... "Hän kavelee niin hiljaa kuin hiiri." Is this also the same?


Yeah you could, but I think no one says it like that. "Hän kävelee hiiren hiljaa" is more common


Yes, it's correct. I gave feedback so hopefully they'll correct it soon.


I still don't get the partitive, I guess. How come "hiiri" is not in partitive form? No particular mouse is being referred to here - the mouse is not the subject, and it could just as well read "any mouse".


The hiiri is not the object/target of any action either. This sentence includes a comparison between the subjects of sentences: A mouse walks quietly. He walks as quietly as a mouse (walks).

There are also comparisons where both things are in partitive, for example "Hän juo sitä kuin vettä" He drinks it like (he drinks / others drink) water. because "se/sitä" and "vesi/vettä" is the object.


Is it correct that "Kävelee hiljaa kuin hiiri" is false for omitting the personal pronoun


Yes, you cannot omit the 3rd singular (or plural) pronoun "hän" and that's why plain "Kävelee" without preceding "Hän" is incorrect.

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