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  5. "Mother, where is the cheese?"

"Mother, where is the cheese?"

Translation:Äiti, missä juusto on?

June 24, 2020



Disagree. Can be also Äiti missä on juusto?


You can't disaggree on a sentence structure.


Shouldn't it be "juustoa"? I mean it is a mass noun or not? :D I guess if I (we) get this explained alot we will all understand it better! Thx!


Well, even if "juusto" is a mass noun, here it really stands for a package or a block of cheese, hence why it's in nominative (since the person is looking for all of the cheese they have).


yes, I have become more confused - in the recent sentences 'a' has not been added and there seems to be not easy pattern or reason. For example in this sentence, I was told that juustoa was a typo, but could this not be correct?


I'm getting really confused, why 'juusto' and not 'juustoa' ? There is no definite amount of cheese in the sentence so why use 'juusto' ?


The English sentence does precede 'cheese' with the definite article 'the'. I think the inclusion of the definite article is related to not using 'juustoa'.

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