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"Where is the Norwegian instrument?"

Translation:Missä norjalainen soitin on?

June 24, 2020



Could the sentence structure not also be:

Missä on norjalainen soitin?


Yes, I think that is correct too, I wrote the same - will report.


Yes, that is actually more fluent


But it's still not accepted, 10.07.2021. I have just reported it.


Such a pain man I wrote that and I got it wrong :(


My wife also Finn answered Missä on


Word order is not rigid in Finnish, the question word comes first but after that, on could be last or after Missä. Both are correct.


For me "Missä norjalainen soitin on?" sounds like I already know that there is an norwegian instrument somewhere ("SE norjalainen soitin", a spesific one) and I know what I am looking for but if someone says there is a norwegian instrument somewhere as a new information to me, I'm like "Missä on norjalainen soitin?". Then the emphasis is on the word "where". :D


... as it was in the sentence above "Where is THE norwegian instrument?" = "Missä norjalainen soitin on?" and "Where is A norwegian instrument?" = "Missä on norjalainen soitin?" Is there someone who agrees with me? :D


I agree. The word order may not be as crucial in Finnish as it can be in some other languages. But it still has an effect on the frase and changes the feeling a little bit. If I say "Missä soitin norjalainen on" it gets very uncommon and something only a poet would maybe say.


"Missä soitin norjalainen on" would perhaps be best translated as "Where the Norwegian instrument lies".


That is correct!


Both are okay, I am a native speaker and I would use missä norjalainen soitin on.


Agreed, I would use that too.


"Missä norjalainen soitin on?" is quite exotic, and shouldn't be the only correct answer, when "missä on norjalainen soitin?" is more currently used


I don't think it's necessarily more used, but it IS used, even if the question changes slightly. But both should be accepted, even if I'd personally prefer that they had some way of indicating that "missä x on?" is better in this case and in many other cases.

Would you say "missä se on?" or "Missä on se?".


Glad I wasnt the only one to report this! Missä on is also correct!


"Missä on norjalainen soitin" should be shown as correct too!


Works this way too - a finn :)

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