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"Katselen, kun kaksi tummaa pilveä kasvaa ja kasvaa."

Translation:I am watching while two dark clouds keep on growing.

June 24, 2020



"I watch two dark clouds growing and growing" should also be an accepted answer.


Yes it should. I still hear a small difference in those two alternatives - "kun" and "while" are a quite good pair. I would translate your version "Katson kahden tumman pilven kasvavan ja kasvavan". The first version is maybe more peaceful and meditating, when the other one is more active and acute. Opinions?


"I watch, as two dark clouds..."


I think my answer should be accepted: I watch while two dark clouds keep growing. What do you think?


This sentence sounds strange in English.. Isn't "I watch two dark clouds..." correct?


I said 'are growing and growing' and it was not accepted. I think 'is doing smt' is exactly what is meant here and keep is nice but not mandatory.


"keep growing and growing" sounds awkward and isn't how one would write natively in English. "I watch as two clouds grow" or "I watch as two clouds keep growing" sound more natural.


why is "kaksi" used instead of "kahta?"


It's not in an object, it's in a subject.

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