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  5. "Entä nyt? Tee puu uudelleen!"

"Entä nyt? Tee puu uudelleen!"

Translation:Now what? Do the tree again!

June 24, 2020



As a native speaker i don't quite understand what this means - i cannot figure out a context for such a sentence


I was very confused too but I reckon it's talking about the Duolingo tree? (as in the course)


Then it should be called "polku", not "puu".

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Polku would be much more intuitive imo but the course is called a "tree" in English so I guess it would be kinda hard to translate otherwise.


That makes a heck of a lot more sense now XD Especially because it's the last lesson. I know duo likes to refer to its courses as trees.


To all those wondering, yes, it's meta. The sentence is referring to the course itself. Due to the general confusion, I doubt that this sentence will appear in Tree 2.0. :)

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With friends we at least had an interesting conversation about the supposed meaning of the sentence. =) The closest thing we came up with was about re-making a tree of clay (but then the translation would've had to use the word "make").


Ha ha! I love that! The verb tehdä can indeed mean both "to do" and "to make". Shame that Finnish and English are so different that your creativity didn’t get the award it clearly deserves. :)


That's a very Pori-like dialect here with "tee puu", which sounds more like "tea tree" instead of "do the tree". And what would "do the tree" even mean?


You can not do the tree. But you can do"halko"of the trees. or onely "se". The sentens could be" tee se uudestaan". It do not need to be spesific doing at all.


Its not talking about tea, it literally is just "do the tree again".


Yeah but the way she pronounciated it makes it sound weird. AFAIK, most people would pronounciate "p" here as a long sound, kinda like "tee(p) puu" to differentiate it from "teepuu", which has a totally different meaning ("tea tree"). Pronounciating "tee puu" as "teepuu" reminds me of Pori, which doesn't sound natural to me. Then again, I'm from Turku so what do I know.


Audio also connects "nyt" and "tee", even when they belong to two different sentences. It's really hard to understand the meaning. I also find this sentence really aggressive - like a angry teacher talking to a stupid kid. :(


The voice should definitely make a full pause between the sentences.


I agree. It seems like the end of the sentence misses a couple of pauses. I had to listen to it a couple of times before I figured it out and that it wasn't teepuu, but tee puu..


My Finnish husband heard this lesson and he says "tee puu" is pronounced wrongly.


There should be a pause between those words. The way it is probounced sounds like "teepuu", in english tea tree.

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No sense in this sentence in Finnish


After reading the translation, I understood it as a yoga instruction.


Duo is using a computer reader here. That is why the pronounciation is very weird. I recommend using a real human, if the target is to teach the correct speaking.

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From what I've heard, Duolingo as a platform strongly prefers the machine-read audio for uniformity. (add: not to state it's the best solution...)


tee puu uudelleen? hiw can you make the tree again?


What the actual...?


I think they might be drawing something using a model, and the tree needs to be redone.

In that case, the English should be more like "-What about now? -Redo the tree." "Now what?" would be "Mitä nyt?"


What does this mean? :D

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