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"Anna ja Hilla, te olette nyt naimisissa. Onnea!"

Translation:Anna and Hilla, you are now married. Congratulations!

June 24, 2020



I'm beginning to think the best part of this course may be the comments section!

Hyvä LGBT!


Yes, I really like it too. People here are very adequate and have a good sence of humor)


Very adequate, that's a very Finnish thing to be :-) (Even generally Nordic, like lagom in Swedish.)


Uhulllll LGBT community thanks for exercises like this!


I will keep this one in my pocket in case I become a priest in Finland


Some priests have blessed same sex couples in Finnish churches. It depends a lot on the priest, the congregation, and the place in question.

This could of course be said also by the person officiating at a wedding that has nothing to do with the church.


Small representation dance


That abrupt Onnea bothers me.


As a native I don't find "onnea" being abrupt. Of course if you say it like the computer here does, it is a very dull and lifeless way to congratulate someone. But in real life you hear it very often and that single word can be filled with feeling and life. Feel free to use it. :)


The AI in Duolingo leaves a lot to be desired, but what do we expect from a "free" program.


Here come the trolls...


I doubt there will be trolls, they’re usually only on the more popular courses


Oh, the sentence discussion already has one. Not even a particularly clever one.


There is also a troll on the Hän on nainen discussion


Exactly what I was thinking. Sadly, this will probably get downvoted recklessly.


That always happens with these sorts of sentences. I've seen ones where they got downvoted so much by the homophobic trolls that the discussion got locked and people couldn't ask legitimate questions. If it can happen on the Latin course, it can happen on the Finnish course.


I wonder if they could disable downvoting on the course sentences but still allow upvoting. That would keep the anti-LGBTQ trolls from locking up sentence discussion, although they would maybe be small-minded enough to go into the comments and downvote people making useful and friendly comments about the sentence.


Bruh why when i opened this for the first time to read the comments did it say i downvoted so many LGBT comments ? That genuinely saddens and confuses me


Don't worry yout pfp absolves you.


How do you know whether to translate as you are rather than are you ? Is it simply assumed that with no question mark it is not a question?


as a question it would be "oletteko"


Celebrating the LGBT community


Hilla is cloudberry or something similar, Hilkka is actual name


Hilla is both cloudberry and a real name. It's been a much more popular name the last decade or so than Hilkka.


And Pyry is "blizzard" and Otso is "bear". Most everyday English/American names have meanings in other, often earlier languages --Peter means "rock", Carl means "freeman", etc.-- even if they've passed out of common useage, while others like Sage (several meanings!) or Lily are still easily identifiable.


I only recently learned that Osmo means wolverine.


According to the course, wolverine is “ahma”, not Osmo.


"Ahma" is indeed also "wolverine", and the word that is used in current modern Finnish for the animal. So, if you want to talk about wolverines in Finnish, do use "ahma" instead of "osmo". That doesn't mean, however, that there's only one word for it. :)


Is there any other word that has similar meaning for congrats?


You mean like a more relaxed, spoken language phrase?

"Onnea" is already pretty short... But in spoken language it often gets pronounced as "onnee".


Glad to see they accept "y'all" instead of just "you"

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