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  5. "I am Otso."

"I am Otso."

Translation:Minä olen Otso.

June 24, 2020



Would there be a separate way to say "My name is..."? I will try to remember this for now as "Minä" corresponding to "my name" though I'm sure the etymology is completely unrelated, given the language family. But some of the word choices in the vowel sound examples in the first Tip seem to be English-like words?


"Minä" corresponds with the English pronoun "I" "My name is" would be best accomplished with "minun nimeni on," "minun nimi on," or "nimeni on." However, actually saying "My name is..." is rather formal, so "I am..." would be the more natural phrasing.


And this differs in spoken vs written Finnish?


You can use both the "I am" and "my name is" sentences in both standard written Finnish and colloquial spoken Finnish. They both usually get modified when said in spoken Finnish though: minä olen -> mä oon / (minun) nimeni on -> mun nimi on, for example.


Haven't looked what courses are coming up. But it would be handy to have one for colloquial/spoken finnish. Where mä, sä and the other common shortening of words are allowed.


Maybe there could be a separate module for it? However, I somewhat dislike the idea that anyone who wants to learn spoken Finnish must automatically want to learn the southern/Uusimaa dialect.


Perhaps there could be two separate ones for the southern/Uusimaa dialect and then one for the most spoken northern dialect? Then specify where they are mostly used. I'm not a huge fan of the Uusimaa dialect (stadin slangi) in a learning context because they replace lots of words with their own (stadi, dösä, snadi, kundi, etc.). Learners would have to pick up a second set of words in that case, and it could be really confusing.


Mä oon. Or "mää" in Tampere, lol.


Strange that just one answer use name Otso


I agree. It makes the practice minimal since all you need to do is notice the name.


Minä Olen Otso, is it like My name Otso?


Minä olen = I am


Why cannot I say "Mina on otso"?


"On" is the 3rd person singular form (in English: he/she is), it would like saying "I is Otso", "Je est Otso", etc.


How to write : on top of a word


If I understand your question right, then you are asking how to write the letters that have the dots on the top of the letters? Those letters that have that in Finnish language is Ä and Ö (with small letters ä and ö). Sometimes seldom the letter Å (å) is used, but not in Finnish words. The question is then how you find them on your keyboard. That might be tricky if you use a phone app. In the computer version those letters should be beneath the place where you write.


Both android and Apple phones have Finnish keyboards that can be downloaded.


On a computer, questions asking to type Finish have characters for ä and ö below the input field.

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