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  5. "Ruotsi on pieni maa."

"Ruotsi on pieni maa."

Translation:Sweden is a small country.

June 24, 2020



We need more of these subtle disses against Sweden :D

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    By what standards is Sweden a small country???

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    In Finnish standard. We think Finland is a small country, so Sweden must be small too.


    What is the etymology behind the Finnish word 'Ruotsi'?


    "From archaic ruotsi (“Swede”), borrowed from Old Swedish roþs- (“related to rowing”) (compare modern Swedish ro (“to row”)); related to Old Norse Roþrslandi (“the land of rowing”), older name of Roslagen from where much of the Swedish-speaking population on the west coast of Finland originates. Ultimately from roðr (“steering oar”), from Proto-Germanic rōþrą (“rudder”), from Proto-Indo-European *h₁reh₁- (“to row”)." https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Ruotsi#Finnish


    Russia (in Russian) also comes from this etymology. So the Finnish word for Sweden literally means "Russia," ironically enough.


    I know it's totally unrelated, but the word sounds kinda like Russia to me so my brain keeps wanting to translate it to that...


    That's because Russia means Land of Rus, i.e. of those who came from Roslagen. These were Swedish vikings who established the first rule in the European part of what is nowadays Russia. I think it was in the region of Novgorod, literally meaning the new town (that the people of Rus founded).

    The Finnish name for Russia, Venäjä, probably originates from a slavic tribe ancient Finns met before the vikings went to east.


    awesome. they should put this information on Civilisation, they have Harald Bluetooth on there so why not?


    If that's what you call small..


    Sweden's population is approximately double Finland's population. Sweden's land area is also bigger than Finland's. Sweden is small compared to some countries, but not compared to Finland.


    Misstänkte att det skulle vara en massa sura svenskar i kommentarerna.


    well European countries are all small if compared to countries like America and canada or turkey


    Turkey is barely bigger than most major European countries lol thats an odd country to include


    Turkissa asuu paljon ihmisiä.


    Note that Turkey can be considered as an European country.


    Yes, Turkey qualified to the UEFA Euro 2020 games, but did not make it to the second round. Israel is also an European country in that football sense – as well as in Eurovision song contest sense – but there are other reasons for that than being part of the continent.


    Appelsiinit ovat sininen


    Appelsiinit ovat oransseja.


    Roligt, eftersom Sverige är större än Finland :P


    Ja. Finland är ett litet land. Liksom Sverige.


    Så det betyr det er inget stort land i Europa förutom Russland?


    American here. Seems like Sweden is small in terms of population, but not really in terms of area. I guess that is true of Finland also. And Norway...


    All European countries are small, apart from a couple of countries in the East. You don't really think about it when you're looking at a map, but if you have a globe in front of you it's pretty obvious. :)


    maybe but i know that its a beautiful country filled with greenery


    I come from England, trust me Sweden is not small hahaha

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