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  5. "Onko suomi helppo kieli?"

"Onko suomi helppo kieli?"

Translation:Is Finnish an easy language?

June 24, 2020



So far, surprisingly yes.


Wait till you get to the declension part!


In terms of declensions, it shouldn't be harder than Latin.


Well, yes, there are a few ways Finnish declension might be easier. It has its own official declension chart called the Kotus declension system which I use for learning noun cases. But there are many ways Finnish is actually harder.

For one, there are more cases than in Latin. Latin has what, like six cases? Finnish has more than twice that amount, and there's even the challenge of knowing which case is used where.

Another reason is that a word can be declined in different ways depending on what class the noun falls in. There are over 50 of these classes in Finnish, some of them having the exact same criteria of words it falls in "like words ending in -i or -o."

It's very complicated indeed, and I wouldn't be surprised if I saw someone struggling trying to figure that out alone. But don't let that discourage you! Live your dream of speaking Finnish, and don't be afraid to learn the process!


I'm still waiting for the point where it stops being one :D


Finnish is not as easy as Danish. Elephants can speak Danish and ducks can read Danish newspapers.


Yeah, I don't see why people consider Danish a hard language. Maybe because of the pronunciation? But if you speak English and are learning it, you'd get used to the funky spelling.


Based on the Norwegian course, even the Norwegians, who speak a Norwegianized version of Danish, have difficulty understanding Danish people speaking.


With Duolingo, it definitely can be!


It is, until you start having to conjugate words in all the different cases in plural while keeping case government in mind, and remember which of the billion forms of the verb you need to use, only to then stumble on consonant gradation :d


Even kids speak it, so... It must be. ;D


We both know the answer, Duo.


I mean, I haven't seen anything weird like silent letters yet, so it's making more sense than English.


Finnish has an ideal phonemic orthography, meaning each character is pronounced one way and each sound is written with one character. You will see in later lessons that the challenge isn't through the oblique spelling, but instead through the completely different style of grammar Finnish has to offer. Stay alert, my friend.


This is why I learn Finnish and Japanese


Those letters didn't used to be silent. That is France's fault for invading England in 1066.


Ive lived here for six years, no!


Not gonna lie to you.


I know we haven't really got onto cases yet, but so far it feels logical and straightforward. The phonology and spelling is beautifully clear, and although the core vocabulary is unfamiliar to us Indo-Europeans it looks like there are also some more intuitive loanwords mixed in. When we do get onto cases, it looks like a lot of them just equate to the role prepositions have in other languages (on, in, out of), but I might have to eat my words there when I'm messing up my partitives....


My partner is Finnish, I've been in Finland, and no Duo, it's not!


No, kyllä, mutta oikeastaan ei.


I heard Suomi is one of the most difficult, but suppricely it is some how intuitive and easy to learn :)


Yes, yes it is.


Jokes aside, in fact it is (this is my personal opinion)


Hasn't been difficult for me yet. Granted, haven't gotten to the case system, so...


Should "Is the Finnish language easy" also be correct, or did I just get it wrong?


Hmm, I think "helppo" just affecting "kieli," not both "Suomi" AND "kieli." I'm not a native, though, so I couldn't say for sure, but my understanding is that adjectives precede the nouns they affect in Finnish.


No, but it is on this website.


Oh, my sweet summer child, what do you know of difficult...

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