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  5. "Thank you, Otso."

"Thank you, Otso."

Translation:Kiitos, Otso.

June 24, 2020



Kiitos isn't conjugated?


You can use the partitive plural kiitoksia too, if you for some reason feel like there aren’t enough inflected forms in the Finnish sentence. I have to say it's refreshing to find people who want more cases not fewer of them. ;)

  • Kiitos, Otso! Thank you / Thanks! (nominative singular)
  • Kiitoksia/Paljon kiitoksia, Otso! Thank you very much Otso! (partitive plural)
  • Kiitokset, Otso! Many thank you's, Otso! (nominative plural; sounds very formal)


In agreement with what did you expect it to be conjugated? It's an interjection or a noun, not a verb.

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