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  5. "hyvä ihminen"

"hyvä ihminen"

Translation:a good person

June 24, 2020



Is the "a" really required here?


Not exactly, but kinda. In English, in a normal sentence, you'd almost always have a determiner of some kind, such as an article, but there are some accepted uses where you wouldn't, such as when using the phrase alone as praise ("good man" "good girl" "good dog" etc). Finnish doesn't use article determiners, so "hyvä ihminen" in a sentence would be replaced by "a good person" or similar, not just "good person." Since you wouldn't usually use "good person" by itself as praise the way you would use "good boy", I'd generally suggest including the article. It's theoretically grammatical to go with "good person" alone, but I think it'd only come up when complimenting a non-binary gendered friend. It's not a typical phrase.


My point is more like, this question is specifically a "dictionary entry" kind of question (which is clearly signified by the first word being in lower-case), and not a "translate a phrase" kind of entry (in which case I'd have agreed with your point entirely), and I'm used to dictionary entries not requiring any articles.

It's precisely because the words "hyvä ihminen" themselves could be "a good person", "the good person", or an indeed unlikely case just "good person", depending on how they are used in a sentence, I think that the dictionary entry for it shouldn't require an article.


Still in a course where you learn finnish and not english I think "a" should not be required


I actually usually use "good person", not just with non binary people. Granted, usually I am being sarcastic (about them being good or being a person in my book? Yes), but let's not go on a tangent.


Same complaint as above


My first instinct was to write "Good human" instead of "Good person" x)


I remember the song of Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus with this name. I kinda liked it :)

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