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  5. "Entä nyt? Tee se uudelleen!"

"Entä nyt? Tee se uudelleen!"

Translation:Now what? Do it again!

June 24, 2020



I believe "How about now? Do it again!" would be more correct.


I don't know about more correct but I'd say acceptable for sure along with "What about now?"


"What about now?" and "How about now?" are not not exactly the same though.


The pronunciation of the TTS is not correct, singular imperatives should have sandhi or border gemination, and it should sound like "tees-se uudelleen".


A few exercises back, someone was complaining about there being gemination in the TTS...

Sandhi looks like a Hindu word, is it?


Yes, it was borrowed from Sanskrit.


Is this Duolingo questioning what to do after we finish this course and prompting us to do it again? :)


"entä nyt" can't really be translated to what now. How about now would be correct. What now would be "mitä nyt?"


"And now? Do it again." ? Miksi tämä olisi väärin?


That's a good translation.


What does olisi mean?


It means "would be". So Miksi tämä olisi väärin? would mean "Why would this be wrong?"

It's the conditional mood of the verb olla. You take the root ol-, and add the conditional suffix -isi.

This course also uses this conditional mood on voi, "can", to make voisi, "could", and on haluatte, "you want", to make haluaisitte, "you would want/you would like".


I will do it again! This time it is so much easier than first time. Hope Duolingo will add more Finnish lessons!


When is Duo Lingo going to continue the Finnish lessons?


Loved this Finnish course. Please add more sections :-)

[deactivated user]

    Now what is exactly the same as what now!


    Hmm... I'm tired from the first time.


    I don't understand why "tee se uudelleen" means "do it again". Doesn't tee mean tea?


    The "tee" has three meanings: "do" (imperative), "t" (name of letter) and "tea".

    Because "tea it again" or "t it again" don't really mean anything, the sentence needs to be translated as "do it again".


    This sentence make me think about an amusement park. Or a child. "Do it again ! Do it again unless I cry !"


    (sorry for my terrible english) i've seen a sentence with "tehdä sen". which is better - se or sen and why?


    Tee is an imperative verb, a command. The object of an imperative verb either looks nominative like se, or is partitive like sitä. Tee se is a complete sentence, with only one noun.

    Tehdä is an infinitive verb. The object of an infinite verb is either accusative like sen, or partitive like sitä. Tehdä sen would not be a complete sentence; an infinitive verb needs another verb.

    This other verb may have a noun as its subject, like Hän haluaa tehdä sen. So this sentence has two nouns, and while the subject is normally nominative, the object is either accusative or partitive.

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