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"Haluaisitteko vielä jotain? Ehkä pala kakkua ja kuppi kahvia?"

Translation:Would you like to have something else? Perhaps a piece of cake and a cup of coffee?

June 24, 2020



I think the sentence should say: "Haluaisitteko vielä jotain? Ehkä palan kakkua ja kupin kahvia?"


Yes, that is very much correct. A very very polite way would be "Saisiko olla pala kakkua ja kuppi kahvia" I guess the example frase is a combo of all this. My very polite hairdresser always said "Haluaisitko jotain, ehkä pala kakkua?". I felt like a queen. :)


What is the "n" suffix for in "palan" and "kupin"?


It is the ackusative case with the verb 'haluaisitteko' implied.


It would be very helpful if there could be a small pause in the audio between sentences (this has been an issue in a few exercises). I can parse the meaning fairly easily as a native speaker, but it definitely creates extra difficulties for learners.


why isn't, Haluaisitko vielä jotain accepted?


It's correct, please report it.

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