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  5. "Puhun myös englantia."

"Puhun myös englantia."

Translation:I also speak English.

June 24, 2020



'I also speak English' is not accepted. Reported it.


Me too. It still has a few kinks to iron out.

[deactivated user]

    I hear myös pronounced like vös.


    It has now been corrected to allow "I also speak English". Native English speakers from anywhere would never say, I speak also English. It's either I also speak English or I speak English also, with the first option being preferable IMO.


    I am an American and "I speak also English" sound very strange


    Can one say "puhutko englanti? " when speaking of language ? Or should "puhutko englantia?" be accepted too?


    When it comes to a person speaking a language, the partitive case is used because it’s a mass noun, in that no human speaks the entirety of any language. Depending on the source you consult, there are as many as half a million words in the English language.


    Not native speaker, so correct me if I'm wrong. But yeah both should be accepted. The difference is that "Englantia" is more lose to how much English you speak. While "Englanti" is that you can speak a lot of English, or that you even are fluent in English.

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