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"– What and where do you study? – I study history in Rome and Anna studies chemistry in Tallinn."

Translation:– Mitä ja missä te opiskelette? – Minä opiskelen historiaa Roomassa ja Anna opiskelee kemiaa Tallinnassa.

June 24, 2020



Should be accepted without "te"


It was accepted without the "te" for me.


That's because both are correct: only in the third person is the pronoun mandatory. You can say both «minä opiskelen» or «opiskelen», but not «*opiskelevat». Only «he opiskelevat».


This one was already done automatically


For me too. I assume it is because the sentence is long enough to not fit on the screen with unused words, and duolingo doesn't want to scamble the words it has to place on the answering lines because there is no space for you to take the words down in order to correct the order.


Same in the progress test, end of Jan 2021


There's a typo in the answer that Duolingo uses for checking. It expects "Annaopiskelee" rather than "Anna opiskelee".

I wrote "Mitä ja missä opiskelette? Opiskelen historiaa Roomassa ja Anna opiskelee kemiaa Tallinnassa."

My answer was marked correct, but I got this message:

You have an extra space. –Mitä ja missä opiskelette? –Opiskelen historiaa Roomassa ja Annaopiskelee kemiaa Tallinnassa.


Yes, it's not a big problem, but it should be fixed.


I got the same message again today. I reported it as "something else went wrong".


Same message for me too. May 2021


I had the same message on 25-Dec-2020. Somebody forgot a space!


Same message (2021-02-01)

Interestingly, the answer at the top of this Discuss section is correct!


Same in February 2021.


By the time Duolingo said I had got this one right, Anna had completed her chemistry degree and was working in industry.....


This one is fine in spoken language even without the "te" because the ending of opiskelette indicates plural you.


Fine in writing, too.

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This should be accepted without "te" and "minä".


The audio for the word "opiskelette" was formed wrong. It cut off so it sounded like "opiskelet".


The audio says "opiskelet" instead of "opiskelette". Reported


I'm using the smartphone app and this answer is already given correctly because there is not enough space for the words. Maybe break it down into two sentences?


Not all text on my screen


Report it wirh the flag ICON. That os what I did so.


I am confused about "opiskelette te" or "te opiskelette", ...


In English subject and predicate switch places when you are making a question (you are - are you?), but in Finnish the word order is usually the same whether the sentence is a statement or a question.

"Te (S) opiskelette (P) historiaa."

"Mitä te (S) opiskelette (P)?"

Of course, if there is no question word and the suffix -ko/-kö is used instead, you'd put the verb first in order to make a neutral question.

"Opiskeletteko (P) te (S) historiaa?" - Do you study history?

(Note that the suffix can also be attached to the subject (Tekö (S) opiskelette (P) historiaa?) but this question is not neutral but instead conveys surprise that the people are studying history, so it's more like "Do YOU study history?!").

However, since Finnish word order is not always that strict, you might bump into "opiskelette te" in a sentence, but it's important to note that even though you CAN put words in different places, you might be better off not doing that since word order plays a major part in creating emphasis and tone, and so you can end up with a sentence that's not neutral and doesn't convey what you want it to convey.


Too long to type saatana!


This was already done! But after all the stupid you-should-have-a-pronoun you-shouldn't-have-a-pronoun "mistakes', Duolingo owes me a freebie :)


When I wrote it without te, I got a message that I have an extra space and it should be Annaopiskelee.


The 'correct' response has a space missing between Anna and opiskelee. It's accepting my (correct) answer, but telling me I've put in an extra space.


Yes, indeed. As I wrote earlier, it happens when one skips te.


Why is it TallinnAssa and not TallinnIsa? Is this just one of those exceptions?


Tallinn in Finnish is Tallinna, it has the letter 'a' in the end. That's why "in Tallinn" is "Tallinnassa" (-ssa ending).


Small technical problem. When I pick the Finnish words, they hide (i.e., cover) the two English sentences. It might just be because of "Google Chrome", though.


I have no problem with the translation. However, I needed to keep erasing the solution as I needed to refresh my memory as to what was written. And, in the end, I had forgotten just what the English version was. And I agree with the others' comments re the "te"; it seems repetitive to have it appear twice in one sentence.


This sentence seems a little too long and complicated for the first round which I would think is more of an introduction.


Shouldn't it be "opiskeletteko"?


No, since there is a question word "mitä"

Opiskeletteko = do you study?

Mitä opiskelette = what do you study?


No, opiskeletteko means "do you study" like you don't know if they are studying or not. Missä te opiskelette means "Where are you studying" and it means that you already know that they are studying and you just want to know what and where.


Yes, answer is already showing


The answer was allready filled in, only had to press "check"


I forgot the - lines and it did not accept my answer. It was completely correct


I have had this sentence 100 times now - lease fix it.


It is not even complicated or difficult - it's just that it KEEPS COMING UP AS 'INCORRECT' WHEN IT IS 100% CORRECT - there is an error in the software that joins two words together incorrectly. I have now stopped doing the 'quiz yourself' as this unnecessarily long and tedious sentence keeps coming up, presumably in the belief the 100 previous answers - all correct - are 'incorrect' due to the software error. PLEASE FIX THIS SOFTWARE ERROR.


I really do wish Duolingo would indicate informal or formal/plural you. Just putting sinä or te would really help. Another course uses y'all or Sir/ Ma'am to indicate formal or plural which was quite endearing. I felt obliged to do that course wearing a stetson and cowboy boots, y'all.


Well, in most cases both should be accepted. But in this case it is clear from the context that you need to use plural.


That is indeed true! But I suspect I am just overall frustrated with Duolingo. I'm going to wrap up Finnish, which luckily was my first language as a tot, because I really feel for anyone learning it as an adult.


Well ten months later and it is still being marked wrong. Come Duolingo, time for some updates.


I answered "Mitä ja missä sinä opiskelee? Opiskelen historiaa Romassa ja Anna opiskelee chemiaa Tallinnassa." And it said it's incorrect. I think it's correct.


First of all, the context of the sentence tells us more than one person is being asked the question, so really should be "the opiskelette". But that isn't the only problem with your answer. If you were to use "sinä", you still have to use the right form of the verb- "sinä opiskelet", you used third person singular "hän opiskelee". Also, you have misspelled "Roomassa" and "kemiaa". That is why your answer was marked as incorrect.

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