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Just completed the tree - Thank you so much team suomi!

Hi there.

I just finished the Finnish course a few hours ago and as a native Finnish speaker, I really enjoyed it. I started to think about my mother tongue in a weird and different way, and some of our day-to-day idioms started to look and sound very exotic and somewhat stupid.

The course is still flawed in many ways; many of my correct translations were marked as incorrect and some small details didn't make any sense. But it's still in beta and it will be improved along the way.

Thank you Team suomi and Duolingo for making this course possible; completing it really made my day.


June 24, 2020



For sure a sweet course, I have been waiting for this course to become a reality since back in 2015. It gives a you a really different way to practice then say Sun Suomi or any other finnish learning book. Nice for practicing vocabulary, listening comprehension, and translating skills.

My biggest complaint is just lack of translation options, a couple inccorect finnish to english translations, and of course the extremely common Hän = only he when no mention of a feminine word is present. It is a pretty important to explain to newcomers that Hän = He/She depending on context so hopefully they fix that soon.

Very cool otherwise


I just started the Suomi course and I'm loving it! I have noticed that Han means he or she in the Duolingo translations and have made a note of it in my accompanying notebook where I try and list as many words as I can remember from the duo lesson!


Yep, hän is gender neutral. No gender specific pronouns in Finnish.


In spoken language Finns might even use "se" instead of a personal pronoun. But there is a tendecy too that "se" is developing into a definite article. (This is however way beyond the course borders, please ignore this).


You're absolutely correct! Let's hope it improves. Good luck with the course!


I saw 'hän' translated as 'she' quite often. They must have corrected this (= I've been waiting for thue Finnish course, too, constantly complaining about the lack of it on Play market XD Duo finally heard me and other users and made my dream come true!


Nice job! :) Glad to hear it has a native's approval too! I'm on the last branch currently and also want to write a little review of the tree as well once I finish later on today, but you totally covered most concerns I had with the tree (such as given correct answers either completely unnatural in English, or actual correct answers getting marked incorrect)


Good luck with the rest of the tree! :)


I’ve wanted to learn Finnish for a looong time now, and I think this is a very good course to get one started in this language that is completely different from Indo-European Languages.

Well done team Suomi!


I did the placement test and it unlocked 63% of the tree. I just had to try and see what happened.


You're a native too, right?

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