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"We are admiring the blue sky and the one small, white cloud."

Translation:Me ihailemme sinistä taivasta ja yhtä pientä valkoista pilveä.

June 24, 2020



Instead of "ihailemme" I would use "ihastelemme". One admires a person etc. not a cloud, and Finnish has a way of making this distinction as well.


That is a good point. I'll make a note of it for the next tree. Thank you. :)


I would add the option to accept ihailemme sinistä taivasta ja yhtä pientä valkoista pilveä, without me


Please use the flag symbol to report any missing translations. I've added your suggestion to the system, but it usually needs about 1-2 weeks to figure it out and add it into the course. :)


Does the verb "ihailla" entails the partitiivi, so implies that "one small,..." is constructed as is it in the example??


Yes. rakastaa, halata, ihailla and many other verbs are known as "irresultive verbs" and can only have a partitive object. By "irresultive" I mean that they cause no extensive change in the object or that the action is somehow incomplete. "Resultive" verbs like syödä, on the other hand, can have several types of objects. :)


Hei, kiitoksia

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