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  5. "punainen kuin veri"

"punainen kuin veri"

Translation:as red as blood

June 24, 2020



By the way, there is a book by Salla Simukka with the exact same name (Punainen kuin veri) which was translated into simplified Finnish by Hanna Männikkölahti. I think it's a great way to practice :)


You don't need the first "as"


"red as blood" is also an accepted answer, but they're both correct


Sometimes the options in the app tempt me into heart-wasting anarchy, as here: as red as a banana salad": wrong, but tempting. Plus not much further out than "the cat is on the moon" from a few sentences back.

Are these sentences something to do with 6months of darkness and too many spruce, perhaps?

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