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"The Finn is a wizard and the Swede a Viking."

Translation:Suomalainen on velho ja ruotsalainen viikinki.

June 24, 2020



Should "Suomalainen on velho ja ruotsalainen on viikinki" also be accepted here?


I guess it should, even though it is not included in the English sentence. It makes the phrase more precise. Also, in the discussion "the other way around" (so translating this sentence from Finnish to English) there was someone having trouble to identify whether "ruotsalainen" was meant as an adjective or a noun here and one of the contributors said they would add "on" to the second part of the Finnish sentence to make this more clear.


I guess not, since the original phrase omits the verb on the Swede half.


Yes, and I prefer that as it makes the sentence more clear.


I think it should be accepted, since it is implied anyway.


In the sentence "is" is not repeated in the 2nd part of the sentence. Is = on.


Yes, the second "on" can be omitted in this case but I personally wouldn't do it.


This Finnish course is so Finnish. :-)

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