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" Ketkä etsivät mustaa ponia? Me."

Translation:– Who are the people looking for a black pony? – We are.

June 24, 2020



This should be "Who is looking for a black pony? - We Are."


"Who is looking for a black pony" is "Kuka etsii mustaa ponia". Kuka becomes ketkä when there are multiple people.

Edit: Totally didn't realize you can't use "who are" this way in English.. Thanks to anonyneko for the pointer. I'll still leave my comment in place if someone's confused about kuka and ketkä.


I don't think it works quite the same way in English, though. It would always be "Who is", unless you are asking something about a specific group of people.


Totally didn't realize that... Thank you for pointing out, I edited my comment.


Is it like "quién" and "quienes" in Spanish?


It looks like they changed it on this page. "Who are the people looking for the black pony" is proper English


Could we say as a response:"Me olemme"?


The verb in the answer should match the verb used in the question, and there is no "olla" verb used in the question.


Thank you! 'Me estivämme' then would be better!


"Me etsimme" would be consistent with the question but it would be an unfinished sentence because "etsiä" is a transitive verb and so it should be paired with an object.


Thank you !Clearer!


It going to hard this level I always wrong to


I empathize with christelVi16 here, as i initially had also zoomed healdlong in dl. Its friendly interface lulled me early and did divert my attention from a stressful situation elsewhete. But i note, in hindsight and review, a bit weaker retention than I'd hoped for and occasional slips on fundamentals. Thankfully, our senior dl mentors esp in finnish have been forgiving and patient with my doubts.

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