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  5. "Laulu on saamelainen."

"Laulu on saamelainen."

Translation:The song is Sámi.

June 24, 2020



Any recommendations on Sami songs? :)


Type "Jon-Henrik Fjällgren" into Spotify and watch yourself slide down the rabbit hole! :D


Just google "joik". For precise artists I recommend Ella Marie Isaksen and her band Ísak. Also Duolva Duottar but they are not active anymore. Both bands are from Norway tho. Of Sami bands from Finland I know only Eläkeläiset.


In the audio there is a definite catch in her pronunciation of the second l in "Laulu." Is that just a little glitch in the audio? Btw I just noticed there is no sound icon on this page, so you can't push it to see what I mean... Sääli!


It's a glitch. Both l:s should be identical. The slower version of 'laulu' is really strange. It sounds like you should emphasize the -lu, but that's not the case.


Surely this is bad English, would it not be better to say "the song is a Sami song" or "it is a Sami song"?


I'd agree. I would either say "It's a sami song" or "The song is in sami/the sami language". Depending on what I want to express. I think the difference between finnish and english is that samilainen means something like "of sami origin" kind of like a nationality which in english is only dorectly applicable to people.


In the "Write this in English" version I get a typo message if I miss the accent over the "a" in Sámi. Most US and UK keyboards do not have this character, in fact, I'm not sure that a Finnish one would either. . I only got it by cheating - cutting and pasting from the drop down translation!


It is a Sami song would be more common.

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