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" Onko pistoke seinässä? On."

Translation:– Is the power plug plugged in? – Yes, it is.

June 24, 2020



Yes, this has nothing to do with a socket in the wall. But the translation "Is the power plug IS plugged in? - Yes it is." doesn't make sense with the extra "is" in the sentence.


Is the power plug plugged in? No need to repeat "is"


The Finnish question is "is the plug connected to the wall?", not if there is a power socket available.


Is it plugged in...this means...in English we do not mention thw wall or the socket


There's a mistake in the English translation here. It should be : "Is the power plug plugged in ? - Yes, it is."


So if you want to know if the power plug is plugged onto an extension cord, do you still say "seinässä"? Or is there a different way to say it?


C'moon people, such dumb mistake! "Is the power plug "is" plugged in?" Really?


"Is the plug in the socket?". Is this not correct English?


The extra "on" at the end is the answer to the question. It's just confusing to hear because it's in the same actor's voice as the question, and there is no pause between question and answer.

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