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  5. "Where is Russia?"

"Where is Russia?"

Translation:Missä Venäjä on?

June 24, 2020



Missä on Venäjä is also an acceptable answer according to Finnish word order


My brain did the big dumb and wrote Veljeni instead of Venäjä



Well, at least you know how to write "my brother" in Finnish. Hyvä!


For those wondering about the difference in word order, the reason for it lies in the fact that Finnish does not require a subject-verb inversion in questions that begin with an interrogative word.


Why is ot that this question neees no -ko, wheb oter sentaces needs to start with onko?


When you make a yes / no question, -ko is attached to the word. That is, if you make a question, and there is no other question word, you will use -ko (or -kö, depending on the other vowels in the word). In English we mostly use "do": Puhutko suomea = Do you speak Finnish?


So if u said "How well do u speak finnish" would "ko" not be needed


You are right, in this case no -ko is needed. How well do you speak Finnish? = kuinka hyvin sinä puhut suomea? There is already a question word (how = kuinka), so no -ko is needed. If you again want to ask: "do you speak well Finnish?", then you shall put it: "puhutko sinä hyvin suomea?" - Another question word for "how" in Finnish is "miten".


Who would think that Russia isn't the massive eastern country ?


... just ask that alien...

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