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"Suomalainen on velho ja norjalainen viikinki."

Translation:The Finn is a wizard and the Norwegian is a Viking.

June 24, 2020



"the Norwegian" is also an acceptable answer. It is extremely unusual to say "insert country here person" in English

an exception to this rule is typically with French where you do have to say, "The French Person"

Norwegian Person = a/the Norwegian


i also wrote that


They are contradicting their own questions/answers. Same answer with "the Swede a viking" is considered right but "the Norwegian a viking" is wrong.


I hate that sentence and it makes no sense to repeat it for a 100 times


Besides I have never met wizards hereabouts whereas the Scandinavians as well as Estonians really were Vikings at one point in history... Maybe I am discriminating against all the Finnish shamans and wizards but well...


It is Duolingo! If you have learned a word (in this case "velho") in previous stages it comes upp in new phrases which don't always make sense, it is just hilarious! :D


Couldn't this be translated like this (which is a different meaning) ?: The Finn is a wizard and a norwegian viking


No definitely not. For that to be the case a word like Myös[also] would be needed to imply the connection


this is also correct


It has problem with the detection of the correct answer, coz, I wrote the same answer as it shows as correct, but I don’t know why ot says wrong!

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